Electric minibus

Omnicar’s electric minibus takes the spotlight to provide sustainable solutions for city and intercity travel. With a versatile range spanning 6 to 12 m. Our electric minibus caters to diverse needs and it is available in both right and left-hand drive options.

It ensures compliance and quality with our European-approved Certificate of Conformity (COC).

Our city and intercity electric bus and coaches boast impressive capacities and accommodating up to 95 passengers across various lengths 6, 7, 10, or 12 m. Opt for more compact options with our electric minibuses, seating 28 passengers in the 6 m model or 35 passengers in the 7-meter model.

Driven by efficient electric engines and featuring automatic transmissions. Our electric shuttles are not only eco-friendly but also designed for maximum passenger comfort. The EV6 electric minibus comfortably accommodates 22 to 28 passengers while the EV7 electric shuttle provides a spacious ride for 35 passengers.

Electric city minibus:

Go green with our electric minibus and midi buses. Pick the 28-passenger EV6 minibus or the 35-passenger EV7 minibus, both available for sale  in right-hand and left-hand drive.

We also offer 8.5m, 9m, and 12m electric bus for various transit needs.

Designed in Germany for city transportation, our vehicles are customizable for specific requests or tender requirements. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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electric minibuses

All our vehicles including electric minibuses, buses and midi buses are available in right-hand or left-hand drive choice. It ensures flexibility to meet global standards. Our electric vehicles are ready to hit the road. Explore our range today.

Consider our Electric Charger options for a complete electric vehicle solution.

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