Electric Shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban


Introducing the Urban Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7m, made for city travel, ensuring safe and comfy rides in urban areas. It’s perfect for navigating even the narrowest streets.

Open to all: Seats, standing room, spaces for those with reduced mobility, wheelchairs, and strollers. Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 6990 × 2100 × 3050, optimized for urban efficiency

Enjoy the ride: Packed with top-notch tech and comfort features, it minimizes sound in the passenger area and reduces vibrations. All components are high quality, ensuring realibility and easy maintenance.

Battery Type: Employing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology, the battery is chosen for its exceptional durability and energy efficiency, contributing to a reliable and sustainable electric power source.

Battery Capacity (kWh): The minibus boasts a significant 114 kWh capacity, ensuring extended travel distances on a single charge.

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Reference: E10

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Product description

Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban:

The Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban comfortably transports over short distances in urban areas. With its compact 7 m design, this eco-friendly and efficient electric vehicle is perfect for city transit, offering a sustainable solution for modern urban mobility.

This Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban is not just smooth inside and out but also fits up to 35 passengers.

Find out on the comfort and accessibility offered by this modern, well-designed Electric minibus.

Discover our Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban:

Introducing the Lowered Urban Electric shuttle minibus with streamlined specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 6990 × 2100 × 3050, optimized for urban efficiency.
  • Total Weight (kg): 7,500.
  • Number of Seats: Flexible configurations of 11+1, 12+2 folding + UFR + 1, or 13+1 seats.
  • Autonomy (km): Impressive 280 km range on a single charge for extended urban routes.
  • Fuel Type: 100% Electric, contributing to a cleaner urban environment.
  • Engine: Powered by a Prestolite engine for efficient and reliable performance.
  • Battery Capacity (kWh): Substantial 114 kWh capacity for extended distances.
  • Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) for durability and energy efficiency.

This Electric shuttle minibus combines versatility and sustainability, delivering optimal performance for urban transit requirements.

Highlighting the advanced components and structural features of the Lowered Urban Electric Shuttle Minibus:

  • Motor Controller: Efficiently managed by the Oil Pump Controller, Air Pump Controller, AC Controller and DCDC Controller.
  • ECAS – Kneeling System: Enhanced accessibility with the WABCO ECAS – Kneeling System.
  • Front Axle: Boasting an Independent Suspension Axle for superior handling and comfort.
  • Steering System: Facilitating effortless navigation through urban streets with Hydraulic Power Steering.
  • Braking: Disc Brake System on Front and Rear Axles, coupled with ABS (WABCO) and EPB, ensuring precise and secure braking.
  • Monocoque Structure: Durable Stainless Steel construction with a 20-year warranty, complemented by Composite Material, guaranteeing longevity and structural integrity.
  • Wheelchair Ramp: Featuring the Manual Ventura wheelchair ramp for enhanced inclusivity.

These components collectively contribute to the reliability, safety, and user-friendly design of the Lowered Urban Electric Minibus, setting new standards in urban transportation.

Key features for an enhanced driving experience:

  1. Self-supporting Bodywork: Robust and durable design.
  2. Air Suspension: Smooth and stable ride.
  3. Rear Drive Axle: Enhances performance and control.
  4. Electric and Heated Mirrors: Adjustable and heated for optimal visibility.
  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Ensures safe and steady journeys.
  6. Passenger Space Ventilation: Promotes a comfortable atmosphere.
  7. Air Conditioning Fresh Air Function: Continuous flow of fresh air.
  8. Electric Defroster: Clears windows in adverse conditions.

The Electric shuttle minibus 35 passengers 7 m Urban is designed for safe and comfortable urban transportation within the city.

Its anti-corrosion monocoque structure and its dimensions allow efficient use even in the narrowest and most difficult to access streets.

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Reference: E10

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