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Electric Double-Decker Bus Paving the Way for Sustainable Travel

Electric Double-Decker Bus: The Sustainable Future of Public Transportation

Electric double-decker buses represent the latest milestone in the development of sustainable public transportation. Omnicar GmbH and its partners have made an innovative contribution to this advancement with their patent for the monocoque structure with closed bars.

Weight Reduction and Enhanced Stability The monocoque structure plays a key role in the design of the electric double-decker bus. Thanks to the closed bars, body weight can be reduced, and resistance increased. This allows the bus to remain more stable, even at high speeds with low gravity, thus improving efficiency and safety.

Durable Construction and Robust Frame The lifespan of the electric double-decker bus exceeds 20 years, thanks to the high-strength and corrosion-resistant steel frame. This construction not only ensures resilience to external influences but also ensures that the bus withstands the test of time and integrates sustainably into public transportation.

Flexible Configuration and Passenger Comfort With three models and length options from 11 to 15 meters, the electric double-decker bus offers a flexible solution for various requirements. Passenger capacity varies with length, starting at 79 passengers for the standard version with two staircases. The height of the bus can also be adjusted to meet the operator’s needs.

Electric Propulsion and Performance Features The electric double-decker bus relies on 100% electric propulsion with a powerful motor integrating ZF portal axles AVE 130. With a motor power of 125 kW, the bus not only provides an environmentally friendly alternative but also efficient mobility. The battery capacity is adjustable, starting at 450 kWh and scalable based on the operator’s daily needs.

Safety and Innovative Technologies The electric double-decker bus prioritizes sustainability and incorporates cutting-edge safety technologies. From front and rear collision warnings to a 360-degree surround-view system and a driver fatigue monitoring system, this bus offers a high level of safety for passengers and drivers.

COC Certification and Custom Options The electric double-decker bus comes with European COC certification, making it immediately ready for use. Additionally, Omnicar GmbH offers various charging stations with varying capacities to meet specific operator needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss a custom project. Omnicar GmbH’s Electric Double-Decker Bus is not just an investment in the future but also a sustainable response to the requirements of modern public transportation.

Embracing a Greener Tomorrow: The Electric Double-Decker Bus Paving the Way for Sustainable Travel

Electric Double-Decker Bus Paving the Way for Sustainable Travel