Electric school bus Iveco VAN 6.5 Ton 22 Passengers

Omnicar offers you its 22 Passengers Electric school bus Iveco VAN 6.5 Ton Daily electric minibus, built on the basis of an Iveco Daily 6.5 T van, in school or tourist version, according to your desires and the chosen configuration.

Battery Configuration: A robust setup of 4 batteries operating in parallel delivers an impressive total capacity of 153 kWh.

Charging Capability: The minibus is equipped with a potent 13.2 kW charger, ensuring swift recharging times. Additionally, the DC-DC converter operates at 4 kW, optimizing energy conversion efficiency.

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Reference : E06


Product description

Electric school bus Iveco VAN 6.5 Ton 22 Passengers

Here is our Electric school bus Iveco VAN 6.5 Ton 22 Passengers.

It is a reliable and eco-friendly transportation solution. With a 6.5-ton capacity, this electric bus is designed to cater to the specific needs of school transport.

The innovative electric powertrain ensures a quiet and emissions-free ride, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for students.

Specification of the vehicle Chassis Electric school bus Iveco VAN 6.5 Ton 22 Passengers:

Power and Transmission:

  • Rotor Transmission: 120 kW power, 1150 Nm torque.
  • High Voltage Battery: Aluminum housing, 4 batteries in parallel (153 kWh).

Energy Efficiency:

  • Power Control Assembly (PCA) included.
  • Charger/DC-DC: 13.2 kW for fast charging, 4 kW for conversion.

Control and Connectivity: Universal Hybrid Control Unit (HCU12-12) included with 9-inch Android multi-touch Control Panel with CarPlay, Android Auto and Rear camera.

Quick Charging: Fast Charging (CCS): 120 kW. In addtion to charging Cable: 32 A Type 2, 5 meters long.

Safety and Braking: Brake System Vacuum Kit.

Temperature Control: Cooling System: Pump, fan, fittings.

Safety Features: Acoustic Pedestrian Warning System (AVAS) included also GSM Service Data Transmitter for connectivity.

Thoughtful Interior Design:

  • Flat floor, floor wall seats, non-slip bottom with Aluminum-covered entrance area, lowered wheel arches.
  • Imitation leather interior sides, original side door entry with electric gear.

Cabin Convenience: Cabin ceiling in imitation leather in addition to LED lighting, Pioneer speakers, radio player and information labels.

Comfortable Seating: Double seats, individual seats with backrest adjustment.  3-point harness, armrest, acrylic fabric in one or two colors, for instance.

Heating Options: Convection heating on both sides, Bosch water pump, magnetic valve. Eberspacher 10kW Wet Heater with heating during charging.

Pleasant Journey: It is equipped with air Conditioning with luggage rack.

Additional features for Electric school bus Iveco VAN 22 Passengers include:

  • Cab air conditioning with a cooling capacity of 10.7 kW.
  • Passenger compartment features a luggage rack with aluminum profile.
  • Day and night LED lighting, individual lighting, and air circulation modules.
  • Equipped with a Pioneer CD/Radio.
  • Includes a stop sign with a clock.

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Reference: E06

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