Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4 21 passengers

Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4- 21 passengers

Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 519 CDI 4 Wheel drive, 163 CV Omnicar GmbH all terrain rear trunks

Introducing the Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 516CDI, a robust 5.5-ton 4-wheel-drive vehicle. Customize the configuration to your preferences with options like extended rear trunk.

Accommodates 19+1+1 passengers, offering choices in engines and gearboxes. Tinted double glazing ensures passenger comfort.

Turnkey delivery with a certificate of conformity. Backed by an anti-corrosion guarantee, approved, calibrated, and EAD certified.

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Product description

Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4 21 passengers

Introducing the Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4 21 passengers. It is a remarkable and versatile transport solution designed to conquer a variety of terrains with its four-wheel-drive capability.

Technical characteristics Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4 21 passengers:

  • Chassis with 163 HP Euro VI engine: Fitted with a powerful 163 HP Euro VI engine.
  • Version 5.000 Kg GVW: Boasts a Gross Vehicle Weight of 5,000 Kg.
  • Tires: Equipped with 205/75 R16 C tires.
  • Gearbox: Offers flexibility with a choice between a 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox.
  • Choice of Painting: Options available for selecting the preferred paint color.
  • ABS.ESP.ASR.EBD: Standard safety features include ABS, ESP, ASR, and EBD.
  • 3rd Original Brake Light: Enhanced safety with an additional third original brake light.
  • Automatic Switching on of the Lights: Convenient feature with lights that automatically switch on.
  • Stabilization System in Side Winds: Improved stability in the face of side winds.
  • Original MB Digital VDO Tachograph: Utilizes an original MB digital VDO tachograph for accurate record-keeping.
  • Speed Limiter 100 km/h: Safety ensured with a speed limiter set at 100 km/h.
  • Trajectory Assistant: Includes an assistance feature for maintaining trajectory.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Incorporates a warning system for lane departure.
  • 14 V / 250 A Alternator: Equipped with a 14 V / 250 A alternator for reliable power supply.

 Air conditioning, heating and lighting:

  • Webasto Original MB 5 Kw: Features the original Webasto heating system with a robust 5 kW capacity.
  • 2 Radiators with Accelerator Pump and Fans: Equipped with two radiators, each fitted with an accelerator pump and fans for efficient heating.
  • Original Chassis Demisting and Defrosting: Chassis includes built-in demisting and defrosting features for optimal visibility.
  • Original Driver Air Conditioning 5 kW: The driver benefits from the original 5 kW air conditioning system, ensuring a comfortable driving environment.
  • Passenger Air Conditioning on the Roof 5 kW: Roof-mounted original 5 kW air conditioning with cassette for effective passenger cooling.
  • LED on Entry Step: The entry step is illuminated with LED lighting, enhancing visibility for passengers during entry and exit.

With seating for up to 21 passengers, this robust and reliable vehicle blends the renowned craftsmanship of Mercedes-Benz with the off-road prowess of a 4X4 system.This minibus offers convenient access and optimal glazing features:

  • Electric Sliding Side Door: Effortless entry with an electrically operated sliding door.
  • Electric Step under Sliding Door: An electric step beneath the sliding door ensures easy boarding.
  • Semi-Tinted Single Glazing (Standard Size): Standard-sized semi-tinted windows create a comfortable interior ambiance.
  • Rear Door Windows: Additional windows at the rear contribute to increased visibility.
  • Electric Windows: Passengers enjoy adjustable electric windows for personalized comfort.
  • Adjustable Interior Mirror: The interior mirror can be easily adjusted for convenience.

For seating and interior arrangements:

  • Rails for Seat Installation: Built-in seat installation rails allow for flexible seat adjustments.
  • 19 Velor Seats with 2-Point and 3-Point Belts: The minibus is equipped with 19 comfortable velor seats, each featuring both 2-point and 3-point seat belts for enhanced safety during travel.

Interior finishing:

  • Passenger Compartment Trim: Complete interior finish for a stylish look.
  • Glazed Parts Covering: Protects and covers all windows.
  • Imitation Leather Window Trim: Elegant imitation leather trim around windows.
  • Enhanced Insulation: Improved thermal and sound insulation for comfort.
  • Matching Side Covering: Sides covered to match the upholstery.
  • Original Gray Ceiling: Modern gray ceiling for a sleek appearance.
  • Non-Slip PVC Floor: Safe and convenient non-slip PVC flooring.
  • MB Audio System: Includes E1O Radio and 2 original MB speakers.
  • Illuminated Pictograms: Front and rear pictograms with illumination.
  • Built-In Breathalyzer: Safety feature with a built-in breathalyzer.
  • 93 L Tank Capacity: Adheres to regulations with a 93 L tank for efficiency.

Mecredes Sprinter 4 wheel drive 4X4 21 passengers, customizable to your wishes.

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– Reference : S05

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