16 Seaters luxury extra wide VIP minibus LD on Mercedes sprinter chassis

16 seaters luxury extra wide VIP minibus LD Sprinter chassis

Luxury extra wide seat minibus 16 seaters, build on Mercedes sprinter chassis

Introducing the Omnicar Sprinter LD Luxury Extra Wide 519 for the UK market, designed with right-hand drive. Our First Class/VIP edition offers super comfy seats—50 cm wide, reclining, with wide armrests, tables, and footrests. Perfect for all passengers, big or small!

We’re all about maximum comfort and customer satisfaction. Customized for 15 to 16 passengers plus guide and driver. Get it from our stock or order one, and we’ll deliver in just 12 weeks. Travel in style and comfort with Omnicar!

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Reference: V03



Product description

16 seaters luxury extra wide VIP minibus LD Sprinter chassis

Discover our 16 Seaters luxury extra wide VIP minibus LD Sprinter chassis.

Sprinter VIP LD first class side holds rear trunk 16+1+1 seats 1st class extra large

  • Engine: 190 HP Euro VI version for powerful and efficient performance.
  • Dimensions: 218 X 289 X 780 cm, specifying L, W, and H.
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): 5,500 Kg, indicating maximum load capacity.
  • Tires: 205/75R16C for stability and durability.
  • Front Axle: Reinforced for added strength and stability.
  • Rear Suspension: Air suspension for a smoother ride and improved comfort.
  • Gearbox: 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic gearbox for seamless transitions.
  • Paint: Metallic paint for a premium and attractive finish.
  • Safety Systems: ESP, ASR, EBD for enhanced safety in various driving conditions.
  • Lighting Features: Automatic lighting of lights and rain sensor for improved visibility.
  • Stability Systems: Crosswind stabilization for better handling in windy conditions.
  • Digital Tachograph: Original VDO digital tachograph for accurate recording.
  • Speed Limiter: MB speed limiter set at 100 km/h for controlled speed.
  • Electric Retarder Predisposition: Prepared for electric retarder installation for enhanced braking.
  • Alternator: 14 V / 250 A alternator for reliable electrical power supply.
  • Trajectory Assistant: System to assist in maintaining a steady trajectory.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Warning system to alert about unintentional lane departure.
  • Cruise Control: Original MB cruise control for effortless highway driving.
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel: Height and tilt adjustable steering wheel with convenient controls.
  • Raised Floor: Under-seat raised floor with a higher last row for added comfort.
  • Construction Material: Galvanized steel structure and aluminum side panels for durability.
  • Underbody Treatment: Anti-rust treatment for enhanced corrosion resistance in the underbody.

Access and glazing:

  • Glazed and Electric Passenger Door: Facilitates easy access and offers improved visibility with deepened steps.
  • Hatchback: Convenient rear opening for easy handling of cargo.
  • Panoramic Front Windscreen: Large front window with an electric sunshade for an expansive view.
  • Tinted Panoramic Double Glazing: Enhances privacy with tinted windows on both the inside and outside.
  • Upper Rear Window: Additional window for increased light and ventilation.
  • Electric Windows: Easily adjustable for passenger comfort.
  • Electric and Heated Folding Mirrors: Original MB mirrors for optimal visibility.
  • Adjustable Interior Mirror: Interior mirror with customizable settings.
  • Trunks and Extensions
  • Sprinter VIP LD First Class Side Holds Trunk: Rear trunk space for secure luggage storage.
  • Large Deepened Rear Trunk: Spacious trunk for accommodating larger items.
  • Right and Left Side Holds: Additional storage on both sides for added convenience.
  • Total Trunk Capacity: Generous 3 m3 for versatile cargo storage.

Interior accessories and equipment:

The 16 Seaters luxury extra wide VIP minibus LD Sprinter chassis comes fully equipped with entertainment and technology features:

  • Radio CD, MP3, DVD player with a microphone and amplifier for a complete audio experience.
  • MBUX multimedia system featuring a user-friendly 10-inch touchscreen for seamless control.
  • A dynamic gooseneck microphone on the left side of the driver’s area (without jack) for clear communication.
  • A large 19″ LCD screen for enhanced visual entertainment.
  • Safety is prioritized with a reversing camera for easy maneuvering.
  • Convenience is ensured with 10 double USB sockets for multiple device charging.
  • A built-in refrigerator under the dashboard for keeping refreshments cool.
  • Additional practicality is added with a digital watch and thermometer.

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Reference: V03

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