Mercedes Sprinter 316 9 passengers private Omnicar Germany

Mercedes Sprinter 316 9 passengers private Omnicar Germany

Omnicar offers you a 3.5-ton Mercedes Sprinter, passenger car, with 9 seats, and CDI motor choice.

This Mercedes Sprinter 3.5 ton is equipped with VIP seats for a pleasent trip and a  great comfort.Possibility to configure and put many option inside the vehicle according to your choice and need.We assure you a beautiful finish as well as an anti-corrosion guarantee.

Engines and Transmissions:

Engine: MI2 OM 651 DE 22 LA

Power: 105 kW (143 hp) at 3800 rpm

Engine Version: MP6, Euro VI Standard – options available

OBD Level: MQ0 OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) Level D

Transmission: 6-speed manual (Standard), Automatic gearbox (Optional)

Fuel System: Main tank: 71 liters, Fuel filter with water separator

Adaptation Elements for Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI 9-seater TPMR:

Interior Features: Flat floor with non-slip PVC carpet

Seating: M1 rails for seat installation, 6 M1 seats

Wheelchair Accessibility: 3 x wheelchair supports with 3-point seat belt (interchangeable with seats), Wall rails for wheelchair mounting belt

Ramp: Manual ramp

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Product description

Mercedes Sprinter 316 9 passengers private Omnicar Germany

Mercedes Sprinter 316 9 passengers private Omnicar Germany

Presenting the 9-seater Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI with UFR TPMR, designed for individuals with reduced mobility holding a B license. This vehicle, equipped with a wheelchair unit, offers accessibility through a manual or electric ramp.

Our 3.5-ton Van, featuring a 4×2 drivetrain, ensures optimal maneuverability for versatile usage.

Powered by a 105 kW (143 PS) engine, with options like the 317 CDI, the van boasts a 3665mm wheelbase, striking a harmonious balance between stability and flexibility.

With a gross vehicle weight of 3500 kg, it caters to diverse transportation needs. The sleek MB 9147 Arctic White paint enhances its aesthetic appeal, providing a touch of sophistication.

  • Rear Axle Ratio: Standard ratio of 2 i = 3923
  • Front Axle: A50 Front axle with improved load capacity
  • Tires: RH2 235/65 R16 C Summer Tires
  • Spare Wheel: Included
  • Weight: 3500 kg
  • Roof: Raised roof 4739.00
  • Mirrors: Heated and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
  • Interior Mirror: F61 Standard
  • Body Reinforcement: Standard longitudinal bar reinforcement
  • Lighting: 3rd Brake Light Standard, Standard Adaptive Brake Light
  • Sliding Door: Right sliding door with electric control
  • Windows:
    • Left front and right front fixed windows in side/sliding doors
    • Right rear fixed window with Heat-insulating glass with band filter on the windshield
    • Window in the tailgate/Rear hinged doors with Heat-insulating glass
  • Fenders: Front and Rear Fenders
  • Interior Equipment, Heating, and Air Conditioning:
    • Seats: Driver’s seat SB1 Comfort, Co-pilot seat
    • Safety: SA5 Airbag, front driver’s seat Standard
    • Storage: Shelf above the windscreen Standard, Front FG8 cup holder, Storage compartment under the cockpit, Net in the rear doors
  • Heating: Auxiliary electric hot air heater

Radio, Instruments, and Electricity:

Navigating the domain of Radio, Instruments, and Electricity, our system incorporates cutting-edge features:

  • E1D Digital radio (DAB) and E1O MB Audio System for a top-tier audio experience.
  • Reliable ignition is facilitated by the Starting Contact, complemented by an M40 14 V / 200 A alternator.
  • EK1 Terminal block ensures organized electrical connections, while the Standard Temperature Indicator monitors temperature.
  • Additional features include Crosswind Support, Headlight Assistant, and a Multi-button radio remote control.
  • The pre-installation adheres to the ED8 standard, guaranteeing an efficient system setup.

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