Iveco Tourism VIP 29+1+1 passengers 70C21

Iveco Tourism VIP 29+1+1 passengers 70C21

Discover the Omnicar Iveco VIP with options for 21+1+1 or up to 31+1+1 seats. Our standard seats are comfy and adjustable, providing 75 cm of space between rows for passenger comfort.

Opt for the First Class version with wide leather armchairs, a spacious 90 cm row distance, and a footrest.

Customize your configuration with 25 or 27 seats, with or without a table, offering ample luggage space of 5.7m³.

Choose the Iveco VIP 70 C 21 for a personalized experience. We ensure top quality at a competitive price, and we can deliver right-hand driver seats.

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Product description

Iveco Tourism VIP 29+1+1 passengers 70C21

Iveco Tourism VIP 29+1+1 passengers 70C21 , up to 33 seats 5.7m3 of side compartments & rear luggage.

With a capacity of 29+1+1 passengers or up to 33 seats, it offers a comfortable and luxurious journey.

The inclusion of 5.7m³ of side compartments and rear luggage ensures ample storage space for passengers’ belongings, making it an ideal choice for extended trips and travel with extra cargo.

  • Engine: Euro VI 4-cylinder, 2998 cc, 210 HP (156 kW)
  • Version: 7,200 Kg GVW
  • Wheelbase: 4,750mm
  • Tires: 225/75 R16C
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc, EBS, ESC, ASR, ABS
  • Tanks: Diesel 120 L, AdBlue 20 L
  • Suspension: Front parabolic leaves and shock absorbers, pneumatic rear
  • Stabilizer Bar: Front and rear
  • Gearbox: 8-speed Hi-matic automatic + 1 Ar
  • Paint: Metallic paint, Painting of plastic parts
  • Dimensions: 8,850×2,380×3,200mm
  • Tachograph: Digital
  • Speed Limiter: Yes
  • Brake and Turn Signal Repeaters: Upper
  • Electric Retarder: Telma
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDWS): Yes
  • Raised Floor: Under seats with raised last row
  • Structure: Galvanized steel
  • Side Panels: Aluminum
  • Anti-rust Treatment: Underbody

Access and glazing Iveco Tourism VIP 29+1+1 passengers 70C21:

  • Passenger Door: Glazed and electric, featuring deepened steps for convenient boarding.
  • Rear Door: Hinged emergency exit with a door open alert buzzer, prioritizing passenger safety.
  • UFR Predisposition: Equipped with an inside/outside call button, enhancing accessibility.
  • Front Windscreen: Large panoramic design with an electric sunshade, providing an expansive view for the driver.
  • Glazing: Tinted double glazing, ensuring passenger comfort and privacy.
  • Upper Rear Window: Included for additional ventilation and natural light.
  • Driver’s Window: Electrically controlled and heated, contributing to driver comfort and visibility.
  • Mirrors: Electric and heated mirrors for optimal visibility in various weather conditions.
  • Interior Mirror: Adjustable interior mirror, allowing the driver to maintain a clear line of sight.

 Seats and interior fittings:

  • Seats: 33 reclining and laterally adjustable velvet seats, ensuring passenger comfort.
  • Seat Belts: 2-point and 3-point seat belts for exposed seats, prioritizing safety.
  • Handles: Vertical handles (2) on both sides for passenger support during travel.
  • Storage: Magazine nets, shelves, and cup holders, providing convenience for passengers.
  • Double Seats: 7 on the left side and 7 on the right side, enhancing seating capacity.
  • Rear Seats: 5 additional seats in the back for versatile passenger arrangements.
  • Driver’s Seat: Adjustable with electric suspension, head restraint, and a 3-point belt for the driver’s comfort and safety.
  • Driver’s Seat Armrest: Included for additional driver comfort during travel.
  • Guide Seat: Folding seat for the guide, ensuring flexibility in passenger configurations.

Air conditioning, heating and lighting:

  • Webasto Hot Air Heater: 2KW capacity for efficient heating in the minibus.
  • Radiators: Included to contribute to maintaining an optimal interior temperature.
  • Demisting and Defrosting: Dedicated features for the front windscreen to ensure clear visibility.
  • Driver’s Air Conditioning: Included for the driver’s comfort during travel.
  • Luggage Racks: Two racks provided with air conditioning ducting and individual services for convenient passenger storage.
  • Passenger Air Conditioning: WEBASTO DIAVIA 19KW rooftop system for comprehensive and effective passenger cooling.
  • Interior Lighting: Adjustable with 2 positions, offering adaptable illumination for passenger comfort.

Reference: I02

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