Iveco 70C18 School Mixed 33 up to 35 seats

Explore the versatile Iveco 70C18 School and Mixed Minibus, ideal for school trips and weekend outings.

Configurable with 33+1+1 seating, it guarantees comfort with reclining and retractable seats.

Our quality guarantee ensures affordability. Equipped with rear luggage, air conditioning, and UFR access, available in 12-15 weeks.

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Product description

Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed 33 up to 35 seats

Meet the Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed, offering flexible seating for 33 to 35 passengers.

Designed for safety and comfort, this high-quality minibus is equipped with adjustable seating, non-slip flooring, and essential accessories, making it an ideal solution for school transportation.

Technical characteristics Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed 33 up to 35 seats:

  • Engine: IVECO F1C Euro VI 4-cylinder, 2998 cc, 180 HP 132 kW
  • Version: 7,200 Kg GVW
  • Wheelbase: 4,750mm
  • Tires: 225/75 R16C
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes, EBS, ESC, ASR, ABS
  • Tanks: Diesel 120 L – AdBlue 20 L
  • Suspensions: Front/rear parabolic leaves, shock absorbers, front and rear stabilizer bar
  • Gearbox: 6-speed manual
  • Paint: White
  • Dimensions: Approx. 8,850×2,380×3,200mm
  • Tachograph: Digital
  • Speed Limiter: Yes
  • Brake and Turn Signal Repeaters: Upper
  • Retarder: Telma electric
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDWS): Yes
  • Floor: Flat with lowered wheel arches
  • Structure: Galvanized steel, Aluminum side panels
  • Underbody Treatment: Anti-rust

Access and Glazing:

  • Passenger Door: Glazed and electric, with deepened steps
  • Rear Door: Hinged, emergency exit, door open alert buzzer
  • UFR Predisposition: Inside/outside call button, Large panoramic front windscreen with electric sunshade
  • Side Windows: Tinted single glazing, Sliding
  • Rear Window: Upper
  • Driver’s Window: Electrically controlled and heated
  • Mirrors: Electric and heated, Adjustable interior mirror

Luggage Compartment:

  • Trunk Size: Large deepened rear trunk with tailgate
  • Capacity: Approx. 2.74 m³
  • Lighting: Luggage compartment lighting

Air Conditioning, Heating and Lighting:

  • Radiators: Included in our Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed
  • Demisting and Defrosting Front Windscreen: Included in our Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed
  • Driver’s Air Conditioning: Included in our Iveco 70C18 School Minibus Mixed
  • Passenger Air Conditioning: With right & left side diffusion, connected to the original compressor
  • Interior Lighting: 2 position interior lighting

Seats and Configuration: Details

  • Total Seats: The minibus offers a comfortable arrangement with 33 velvet seats, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers.
  • Seat Belts: Safety is a priority with 2-point and 3-point seat belts for exposed seats, providing secure seating for all passengers.
  • Left Side Double Seats: Seven double seats on the left side enhance seating capacity and versatility.
  • Right Side Double Seats: An additional seven double seats on the right side, contributing to a spacious and accommodating interior.
  • Back Seats: Five seats in the back complete the seating arrangement, catering to various passenger preferences.
  • Driver’s Seat: The driver enjoys an adjustable seat with electric suspension, head restraint, and a 3-point belt with a pretensioner for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Driver’s Armrest: An added feature of the driver’s armrest enhances the overall driving experience.
  • Guide Seat: A guide seat with a folding seat ensures flexibility and convenience during transit operations.

Interior Features and Accessories: Details

  • Flooring: A secure and durable non-slip PVC floor ensures safety for all passengers.
  • Driver Separation Barrier: A dedicated barrier is in place behind the driver, providing a distinct and secure driver’s area.
  • Radio/MP3: Enjoy entertainment options with a built-in radio/MP3 player.
  • Ceiling Speakers: Six ceiling speakers enhance the audio experience for passengers throughout the minibus.
  • Illuminated Pictograms: Front and rear illuminated pictograms offer clear visual indicators for various functions.
  • Drager Breathalyzer: Equipped with a Drager Breathalyzer for added safety measures and compliance.

Exterior accessories and equipment:

Front wheel flaps and Rear wheel flaps.

Reference: I01

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