Electric Double Decker Bus

Electric Double Decker Bus

Discover our coaches Electric Double Decker Bus with Panoramic electric double deck 12 to 15 m. It is ideal for sightseeing tours.

The Electric LHD / RHD Drive Omnicar Double Decker is a top-seller in Europe, known for its economic price and compact size of 12-15 meters, accommodating up to 102 passengers. The use of high-quality German components ensures perfection in production.

Featuring a sunroof for sunny days and an integrable tarpaulin for bad weather. This double-decker is versatile, doubling as a restaurant, café, or library.

Omnicar offers various configurations tailored to the UK market’s right-hand drive requirement, available in 12, 13, 14, and up to 15 m lengths. Manufactured in collaboration with leading European engine builders also it comes in multiple designs, including a vintage double deck with varying passenger capacities.

Our Electric Double Decker is ideal for open-top sightseeing with European COC approval for Class I, accommodating 102 passengers comfortably.

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