Mercedes Sprinter Tourism & VIP 16 to 22+1+1 passengers

Mercedes Sprinter Tourism & VIP – 16 to 22 + 1 + 1

Omnicar presents the Mercedes Sprinter tourism or VIP in version 16 to 22 + 1 + 1 seats with 150/190 CV engine and complete reinforced insulation.

Available with manual or automatic gearbox.

 The Omnicar’s Sprinter have deep rear trunk, capacity about 2 m³ with lighting and lateral bunkers on both sides 0.9 m³.

The interior is adapted according to your choice: extra-comfortable, adjustable, reclining and spreading seats and LED lighting on the ceiling, on the floor between and under the windows.

The Omnicar’s VIP and Tourism Sprinter, is what ou need for your trip for a pleasent travel for you and your pass,eegrd and a confortable trip , with many option and configration. This vehicule, will give you  a big prestige and every thing was thought for you.

We have a guaranteed quality anti-corrosion, the vehicle is approved, delivered turnkey.

Many options available according to your choice


Product description

Mercedes Sprinter Tourism VIP 16 to 22+1+1 passenger

Mercedes Sprinter Tourism VIP 16 22+1+1 passenger. We are available for more informations. Please contact us, we will be happy to give you our best offer.

Mercedes Sprinter Tourisme or Grand Tourisme 19-seater reclining seats, A minibus with great comfort New Mercedes Sprinter Grand Tourisme GT minibus


MB Sprinter VAN 516 CDI (163 CV) or 519 (190 CV) EURO 6 in 5 – 5.3 or 5.5 tonnes
Up to 19+1+1 reclining seats
Driver’s air conditioning
Passenger air conditioning (10.5 or 15 KW)
Luggage racks with forced air and individual lights
Additional heating with two radiators
Panoramic tinted double glazing
Electric glass door
Podiums under the seats
Raised last row or raised last 3 rows (your choice)
Deepened rear trunk
Alcantara interior trim
Imitation wood floor
Microphone and speakers


Up to 19+1+1 seats
Smartline, Buscomfort or VIP seats with or without leather
Reclining seats on rails with 3-point seat belts
Guide seat
Comfort driver seat
Podium under the seats
Raised last row or raised last 3 rows


Original Mercedes Benz additional heating with two radiators
Mercedes Benz original driver’s air conditioning
Passenger air conditioning up to 15 KW
Individual forced air on luggage racks

GLAZING AND DOORS New Mercedes Sprinter Grand Tourisme GT minibus:

Electric glass door
Deep entrance steps with LED light
Tinted side glazing or double glazing
Large panoramic front windshield
Panoramic tinted double glazing
Large panoramic tinted double glazing (interior and exterior)


Luggage racks with individual sets for forced air, air conditioning and lighting
Lateral holds
Chest deepened or not
40 cm extension of the vehicle for a large deep trunk
Adjustable last row for a larger boot (maximum 16+1+1 seats)
Removable partition
Glass rear doors or tailgate with glass
VARIOUS options Minibus New Mercedes Sprinter Grand Tourisme GT:
17″ or 19″ LCD screen with DVD
Carbon or graphic dashboard finish
Additional painting of bumpers, side moldings, mirrors and grille
Side sills
trailer hitch
Additional passenger compartment insulation
USB plug
220V socket
Reference: S06

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