Low Floor city bus 37 passengers with wheelchair Low Entry

Lowered Entry city bus 37 passengers wheelchair

Introducing our Low Entry Urban Minibus, designed for urban efficiency with 37 passengers, a wheelchair ramp (UFR), and enhanced transport capacity for city centers and low-traffic circuits.

Experience comfort with 37 seats (25 regular, 4 standing, 1 UFR, and 6 folding seats) adorned with plush upholstery, perfect for urban environments. The lowered floor ensures easy access, especially for wheelchair users. Packed with features like a weather vane, surveillance camera, and stop request buttons, this minibus is well-equipped for urban and school transport.

Store luggage efficiently with a rear trunk and side compartments, minimizing interior clutter. Enjoy a pleasant ride with driver air conditioning, spacious passenger air conditioning, and autonomous heating. Explore the convenience of the Iveco 70C18 Urban minibus, equipped with an automatic gearbox and Telma retarder, ready for your test drive!

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Product description

Low Floor city bus 37 passengers wheelchair Low Entry, city urban minibuses public transport people with reduced mobility

Omnicar introduces the Low Floor city bus 37 passengers with wheelchair Low Entry. It includes a wheelchair accessibility feature with a Low Entry design.

Built on the Iveco Daily 7200 kg chassis in the Urban version, this lowered entrance vehicle is ideal for city center shuttles.

This bus is tailored for efficient integration into public transport systems and also offering ease of entry for all passenger.

The lowered design enhances accessibility and convenience trying to making it an inclusive solution for urban transportation.

Engine: The minibus is powered by the IVECO 70C18 Euro6-E or 210 PS engine, featuring 4 cylinders, 2998cc, and a robust 180HP (132KW) for optimal performance.

Dimensions: 8,995 x 2,380 x 3,200 mm.

Performance Specifications:

  • Maximum Weight: Capable of handling up to 7,200 kg.
  • Wheelbase: A stable and well-balanced 5100mm wheelbase.
  • Tires: Equipped with reliable 225/75 R16C tires for enhanced traction.
  • Braking System: Ensuring safety with disc brakes accompanied by EBS, ESC, ASR, and ABS technologies.
  • Fuel Tank: With a capacity of 120 L for diesel and 20 L for AdBlue, providing ample range.

Suspension & Transmission:

  • Front Suspension: Parabolic steel alloy front leaf spring for optimized support.
  • Rear Suspension: Featuring air suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Transmission: Equipped with a Hi-matic 8-speed automatic transmission for seamless shifting.

Additional Features:

  • Digital Tachograph: Enhancing precision in monitoring and recording.
  • Speed Limiter: Compliant with speed regulations for safer journeys.
  • Brake Light and Turn Signals: Positioned above for increased visibility.
  • Electric Retarder: Equipped with Telma – Electric Retarder for efficient braking without wear.

This comprehensive set of specifications ensures that the minibus is not only powerful and reliable but also incorporates advanced features for a safe, comfortable, and efficient urban transit experience.

Seats & Interior:

  • Seating Configuration: 25 velor seats, 4 standing places, 1 dedicated wheelchair space, and 6 folding seats.
  • Driver’s Seat: Ergonomic, adjustable, and featuring electric suspension with a comfort headrest.
  • Climate Control: Air conditioning, heating, and lighting amenities ensure a comfortable interior.
  • Webasto Parking Heater: A 5KW Webasto parking heater provides warmth during parking.
  • Interior Features: Convectors, front blower box, driver air conditioning, and a powerful 15KW Webasto Diavia air conditioning system in the passenger compartment.
  • Interior Lighting: Strategically placed in two positions for optimal visibility.

IVECO Urban Front Low Floor:

  • Passenger Comfort: 37 passenger capacity with PVC and non-slip floor for enhanced safety.
  • Entertainment System: Equipped with a Radio CD, MP3, DVD player featuring a 7-inch touch screen, microphone, and amplifier for an enjoyable journey.
  • Safety Measures: Includes a reversing camera, double USB socket for driver and passengers, 2 cameras for exterior and interior recording, and a digital clock and thermometer.

Accessories & External Equipment:

  • Front Design: Features front LED daytime running lights, fog lights, and a chrome grille for a stylish exterior.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with a reverse alarm to ensure safety during maneuvers.
  • Mud Flaps: Front and rear mud flaps provide protection and reduce road debris.

Doors & Windows:

  • Accessibility: Double leaf electric glass door with an outward swing, accompanied by a wheelchair ramp, ensures easy entry.
  • Panoramic Windscreen: A large panoramic windscreen with an electric sun blind enhances visibility for the driver.
  • Glazing: Single tinted glazing with side sliding windows and an upper rear window.
  • Driver Comfort: Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, interior mirror, and an electric window with anti-fog heating for the driver.

Luggage Compartment:

  • Design and Capacity: A deep trunk with trunk lid boasting a capacity of approximately 2.74 m³.
  • Structure: Features a flat ground, galvanized steel structure, aluminum sides, and anti-rust underbody protection, ensuring durability and protection for luggage.

This meticulously designed Low Floor city bus 37 passengers wheelchair Low Entry prioritizes passenger comfort, accessibility, safety, and storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for urban transit.

Safety Features

Our Low Floor city bus 37 passengers with wheelchair Low Entry prioritize safety with essential features:

  • Certificates of Conformity (COCs): Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Swift response to emergencies.
  • Inscriptions and Signage: Clear communication.
  • Emergency Exits/Roof Hatch: Efficient escape routes.
  • Emergency Hammers: Swift window-breaking for prompt exits.

Reference : U01

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