Our buses
Isuzu Visigo Omnicar GmbH 39+1+1
Isuzu Citibus 9M50 Bis 76 Fahrgäste Omnicar GmbH
Isuzu Novo Omnicar GmbH 29+1+1
Isuzu Novociti 21+33+1 Bis 54 Fahrgäste - Omnicar GmbH
Isuzu Turquoise – 33+1 Plätze Omnicar GmbH
Isuzu Citiport Stadtbus 12 Meter  103 Fahrgästen  Omnicar GmbH
Isuzu Turquoise Überland und Schule-  33 Sitzplätze + 6 Stehplätze Omnicar Gmbh
Isuzu Visigo Uberland   – 39 Sitzplätze + 10 Stehplätze Omnicar GmbH 57+1+1
Warranty and services

In order to support our customers even after buying our buses, we have set up a network of partner workshops nationwide to contact you for repair, spare parts and technical questions. We also have a 24 hour emergency service.

  • Stock for new buses
    available stock buses disposable mediated in our parking