Urban city midibuses minibuses

Urban city midibuses minibuses, for public transport and city traveling

Urban city midibuses minibuses public transport traveling systems, right hand drive

The city and urban midibuses and minibuses category, presented by large choice of buses from Omnicar. We are making conversion for VAN busses.
Omnicar transformed standard minibuses and midibuses to city version and bring solutions for United Kingdom market requested.

We respond to all the demande and needed on the public transport market right hand drive , with different possibility of minibuses Rear Low floor, with 2 entrance door, in front and back of the buses, Low Floor for a better accessibility, standing and seating places and other possibility …

We customizde city urban minibuses according to your demand. Omnicar GmbH balance between vision, avant-garde and practical used side design.
Our engineer team will be greatfull to make you individual offer for customers after we listed your requirement together.

So don’t hesitate, please contact use for more infos about our City and Urban minibuses range.

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