Electric minibuses

Electric minibuses electrical city intercity buses

Electric minibuses electrical city intercity buses. 6 to 12 meters Omnicar offers you city intercity bus right or left hand drive european approval coc.

Omnicar offers you a city and intercity buses and coache. Right hand drive that can carry up to 95 passengers with its length of 6 7 10 or 12 meters.

Electric minibus or midibus W-Smile S6 and S7.

This buses are equipped with a electrical engine, automatic transmission.
The capacity of our electric shuttles are 22 to 24 passengers for the S6 minibus. And 35 passengers for the S7 electric shuttle.

We offer minibuses, midibuses and electric shuttles. With capacities up to 35 passengers.
In this range you will also find 8.5 meter, 9 meter and 12 meter electric buses.

These vehicles are designed for your urban journeys. For your maximum comfort for passengers.

Our urban electric right hand drive buses are customizable according to your wishes. Also for specific requests or tenders.
For more information on our ranges please contact us.

All our minibuses, buses, midibuses are available in, right hand drive and left hand drive. Delivered wit european COC and homologated. All ready to drive. 

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